Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The O3-magnifying glass

O3loep striptekening Sherlock Holmes
Do you wonder about how entrepreneurial (or not) the current projects and activities at your school or in the training centre are? Do you have the time and would you be interested in organising other initiatives? Would you like to promote ‘entrepreneurial spirit within your school or training centre?
With the O3-magnifying glass you can ’get two for the price of one’: through organising interesting diverse projects, whilst at the same time stimulating entrepreneurial spirit in young people and adults. This way the pressures of organising projects and activities may be kept to a minimum.
One way of looking at whether projects and activities are entrepreneurial - and to look at how you could make changes and improvements - is to use the  O3-magnifying glass. This is a tool that looks at entrepreneurship within education and training.
Take the O3-Magnifting Glass Test, and discover whether your projects and activities stimulate and support entrepreneurial spirit. This might be a school play, an environmental project, the annual sports day, a fundraising day for charity, or any other project or activity, which on the face of it does not obviously have a link with entrepreneurship.
Completing the O3-Magnifting Glass takes about ten minutes. The Test results will give you suggestions about how to stimulate the people you are targeting with your project, without losing the focus or the content of the initiative.
Beware! This test measures separate initiatives and individual projects; it is not intended to give a total picture of how entrepreneurial your school or training organisation is overall.
The O3 Test builds on the outcomes from the STEP-Project, in which the ‘profile of entrepreneurial spirit’ was developed.

The O3-Magnifying Glass has been created with support from the European Social Fund.

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