Friday, 31 August 2012

John Hattie, Visible Learning: effective methods

Edited highlights of a talk by John Hattie where he outlines some of the most successful methods to promote learning

Part two:

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

3EP Summer Academy, 26th - 31st August 2012, Osijek Croatia

 The European Entrepreneurship Educators (3EP) aims to support and develop
enterprise education through dedicated week long European Annual Summer
Academies (EASA) from 2010 to 2012. In support of key Oslo Agenda, the EASAs
will develop pedagogy and support institutional change, building confidence
and practice in educators. It's an opportunity for peers to share
"know-how", create entrepreneurial outcomes making a difference to personal
practice, students, colleagues and institutions.
  • Are you looking to embed enterprise and entrepreneurship in your teaching?
  • Do you work to develop entrepreneurial sprits in your students?
  • Are you looking for new ways to engage your learners?
  • Keen to share your practice and learn from others?
  • Do you want to develop your teaching in a more entrepreneurial way?
  • Is your work involved in creating new enterprises?
This Summer Academy delivered 6 thematic areas over 6 days, through 50
pedagogies, supported by a "3EP entrepreneur-in-residence", which is all
underpinned by full detailed session materials to aid future teaching
practice (available on the exclusive virtual learning environment).

The Summer Academies create an unique network of up to 180 Fellows alumni
which will be supported over the 3 years of the programme by dedicated
mentors and the 3EP team.

3EP's current alumni based on EASAs in Finland and Denmark include 75
educators from 56 institutions, representing 22 European nations.
Be a part of the next European Annual Summer Academy:

Osijek, Croatia

26th - 31st August 2012