Monday, 26 August 2013

German ADEPTT Pilot : “I really feel encouraged for changing my teaching style. This is so necessary.”

“I really feel encouraged for changing my teaching style. This is so necessary.”
A teacher after the ADEPTT pilot in Germany

“How to enhance self-initiative and learning motivation of your students” was the title of the ADEPTT pilot seminar in Germany. For several reasons: As a counseling partner of schools, the German Children and Youth Foundation (DKJS) knows: This is a question which bothers many teachers in this country – in all school types, but especially in lower secondary public schools. Students often do not see why they should engage for learning about subjects they often are not interested in. How can teachers motivate their students? We believe that entrepreneurial teaching is the way students can become owners of their own learning process.

Teachers of all school types and all specialisations were addressed in the announcement of the course. So the scope of participant teachers was very diverse. They were teaching at primary, lower and upper secondary, but also VET schools. Their specialisations varied from natural sciences (maths, physics, etc.), to languages, social sciences (history, ethics, geography) and economics. Only 3 out of 9 teachers had any experiences in Entrepreneurship Education (e.g. supporting a mini company at school). 

Learning outcomes and remarks of the participants show that the course concept has been as more successful, as the participants have not been experienced in any kind of Entrepreneurship tutoring. The participant teachers reflected that the ADEPTT course showed them how to change their teaching attitude: How to allow and enable students to develop self-initiative and creativity. And, as one of the teachers said, by developing an own project, ADEPTT pushed the teachers to be initiative and creative themselves.

Some of the comments after the course :

  • “CPD courses should always be with diverse participants: I learnt so much in our exchange between teachers of different school types.” 
  • “Thank you for the opportunity to learn new methods I really can use in my teaching.”
  • “I’ve never experienced a CPD-course like this: I had the opportunity to realise at once what I had heard in theory. Thank you!”
  • “What was really amazing: the exchange of feedback and ideas between us and the motivation of all participants.”
  • “First of all our own self-initiative and motivation was fostered!”

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