Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Small Business Management journal - Special Issue: Measuring the Impact of Entrepreneurship Education

The purpose of this special issue  of the Small Business Management Journal the  is to describe, analyze, and improve the understanding of effective practices in engaging students in the entrepreneurship classroom. In this issue you can find conceptual and empirical (both qualitative and quantitative) contributions that consider the learning and educational implications of entrepreneurship for business and non-business educators, for-profit and non-profit businesses, and community organizations. 

More specifically, this issue of SMB Journal aims to address challenges and emerging solutions in the entrepreneurial classroom and beyond. In this vein, submissions that address entrepreneurship education in academic or non-academic settings were encouraged. 

1. diverse theoretical and empirical perspectives to explore the diverse means of 
delivering engaging learning experiences to entrepreneurship students 
2. measures of success in entrepreneurship education 

3. proven strategies and best practices for engaging students in the entrepreneurship 
classroom and for bridging the gap between educational experience and implementation 
of entrepreneurial behavior 
4.  institutional factors that foster a productive entrepreneurship learning 
5. new ideas for designing, implementing, and evaluating entrepreneurship 


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