Friday, 5 July 2013

The future of Stuff

 The Future of Stuff is a prototype for challenge-based hybrid learning. This Breaker Challenge runs from June 19 to July - 2th July 2013.
What do we mean The Future of Stuff?

It’s Maker Movement meets Manufacturing 2.0.

In a fictional world it’s the moment when the shipping lines from China are closed down and you still need a cup to drink water from at your next BBQ. Seriously. What would you do? And then zoom out… What IS the future of the making and distribution of stuff?

Whether we’re looking for a new pair of jeans or ten thousand microprocessors, the way we go about making and getting objects is changing fast. Current and developing technologies present exciting opportunities to democratize production and personalize the manufacturing process making it hyper-local with tools like 3D printing and facilities like TechShop. We’re entering an age of mass customization and pushing in new directions with products that bridge the digital/physical divide. How might we build an economic base of producers not just consumers? What products, services, communities, platforms, and learning engagements will facilitate entry, advancement, innovation, and continued growth of the manufacturing base in the US?

Follow the action at #makerbreaker.

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  1. Good short videos of different steps in working with ideas and presenting them - very useful for EE