Friday, 19 July 2013

The Flemish ADEPTT Pilot

Date: 4th of June, 2013
Number of participants: 20
Venue: Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussel, Brussels

The Flemish Pilot course was developed in collaboration with Vlajo, an organization trying to get youngsters acquainted with entrepreneurship by building bridges between education and the trade industry. 
During the one-day course, all participants were actively involved. They actually had to leave their own comfort zone.The Flemish course alternated theoretical and practical input. Participants worked both individually and in groups during the day.  Through cooperative methods like smart-games and the presentation of a good practice, the participants learned about the different aspects of entrepreneurship (self regulation, creativity, innovation, motivation). They  were invited to link these elements with the content, organization, evaluation and their teaching style of their classes.

We received the following feedback from one of the participants: “It was an inspiring training to think about active teaching methods and activating the students in your classes”. This quote represents the focus of Flanders’ pilot.


After a short introduction of ADEPTT, the participants got acquainted with each other and they found out (in little groups) what entrepreneurship actually means. Besides a theoretical approach of entrepreneurship, the participants learned how they could integrate this in their lessons and/or classroom. A good practice was also presented.

After the lunch, the participants zoomed in on active and co-operative learning and how this could be linked to entrepreneurship. They experienced this through different assignments, which are relevant for their teaching. During the afternoon, the topics concerning evaluation and teaching styles in an entrepreneurial learning environment were extensively explored.

Some images of the Flanders’ training in Brussels

Participants brainstorming in order to solve some challenging problems

Participants also had to work together to solve some assignments (here: building a high and solid construction only with marchmellows and unboiled spaghetti)

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