Thursday, 5 July 2012

Report: Enterprising Minds: Enterprise, Further Education and the UK Economy

Enterprising Minds:  Enterprise, Further Education and the UK Economy (June 2012)”.  A new report published by the “Carnegie UK Trust” explores the attitudes of young people towards enterprise education and the future in a changing economy.  It focuses on how students view practical enterprise - starting a business or working self-employed - and the contribution education systems make to the understanding of these work types.  
The report draws upon a survey of 1,602 students  (aged 16-21) from a total of 17 colleges across the UK.  Findings show that: students in Wales and Northern Ireland are more likely to see themselves as starting a business after college compared to their counterparts in England and Scotland.  A substantial majority of students involved in enterprise activities, events or courses at college or school found them useful, and most respondents expected to secure full-time employment immediately after college.  

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