Thursday, 5 July 2012

Entrepreneurial Education Learning Needs of Teachers

Theoretical findings and a survey with 200 teachers from 8 partner countries shows that there is a recognized need to implement entrepreneurship education in initial teacher training.

You can find the report here

According to the literature and the best practices’ results, an effective implementation of entrepreneurship education in teacher training, needs to consider 3 dimensions of learning:
  1. Specific Knowledge about Entrepreneurship
  2. Skills(e.g. entrepreneurial planning, organisation, communication, negotiation,  team work, risk assessment, capacity to identify opportunities, etc);
  3. Attitudes (e.g. initiative, proactivity, independence, motivation and determination to meet goals).
Considering all the dimensions analysed in this report, we recommend 5 areas of content to be included in future entrepreneurship teacher training initiatives:
  • Clarification of global concepts that help teachers understand the advantages of entrepreneurship and contribute with their own expertise to its definition and implementation.
  • A significant focus on entrepreneurship education and teaching methods that promote entrepreneurial attitudes.
  • Inclusion of enterprising teaching techniques that enhance teachers’ own entrepreneurial behaviour and practical knowledge.
  • Teaching trainees to train their own colleagues. Investing in dissemination  and networking.
  • A business coaching approach that allows teachers to follow-up, evaluate and coach their student’s start-up projects and small businesses. 

Experiences already carried out by the ADEPTT partners in entrepreneurship education inform us about difficulties that might be find in practice:
       Partnering between educational sector and industry,
       Certification and recognition of practices,
       Assessment/evaluation of the programs,

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