Friday, 11 May 2012

Are you a teacher or a student that believes that entrepreneurship is quite an issue nowadays?

The fact is that ET 2020, the new strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training points out the need to foster entrepreneurship, along with creativity and innovation, in all forms of learning irrespective of education level.

ADEPTT (Acknowledging and Developing Entrepreneurial Practice in Teacher Training) is a Transfer of Innovation project funded by the Spanish National Agency that focuses on designing, testing and promoting an innovative teacher training model to foster entrepreneurship across Europe.

teacher training Entrepreneurship education

It will run from October 2011 to September 2013 and has been specifically designed to fill a gap among the existing networks and initiatives by focusing not simply on teacher training on entrepreneurship but more concretely on designing and implementing tools to help them in the classroom and thus achieving considerable impact in the wider audience of students.

Our main aims include:

•    increasing the level of attention on the role of teachers as key stakeholders with the potential to generate awareness, commitment and enthusiasm of EU students to entrepreneurship;

•   promoting mutual understanding towards joint strategies among the key EU stakeholders working in teacher training to foster entrepreneurship;

•    Identifying, adapting and validating a teacher training model establishing a community of key stakeholders to support the current policy agenda.

ADEPTT is formed by a partnerships of 13 institutions from 8 EU countries which hold complementary competences as the partnership includes Universities, colleges, research centres, foundations, regional centres in charge of promoting entrepreneurship, a National Institute for Curriculum Development and a network.

Our outcomes include a Synthesis Report on Teachers Learning Needs &  Transferable Training Programmes Fostering Entrepreneurship, a Training Model published in ES, PT, DE, NO, UK, IS and Flemish, 2 evaluation reports and a variety of dissemination materials adapted to the users and policy makers.

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